Tennessee’s Solar Industry Provides a Bright Future

Take a look around Tennessee and you’ll see more than 200 solar-related businesses. These include large, international leaders with a long history in the state, as well as newer and expanding companies. The state’s investment in renewable energy, business-friendly environment, scenic beauty and strong workforce make Tennessee a great place for all of its solar-related businesses.

Sharp Manufacturing Company of America was one of the first companies to mass produce solar panels in the early 1960s. Sharp began making solar panels in its Memphis facility in 2003, and more than 1 million solar panels have been produced since then.

In Kingsport, AGC Solar manufactures specialty glass optimized for solar applications. The various types of glass have enhanced optical properties, helping increase the overall efficiency while decreasing the cost of solar panels.

Shoals Technologies Group in Portland manufactures power electronics that efficiently convert solar panels’ DC electricity into AC electricity so that the power may be used in homes and businesses, or connected to the electrical grid.

Two world leaders in the production of polycrystalline silicon used in solar cells, Hemlock Semiconductor and Wacker Chemie, have large manufacturing sites in Clarksville and Cleveland, respectively.

Companies such as Sustainable Future provide renewable-energy leadership in the area of implementation. Sustainable Future Solar Park, near Knoxville, demonstrates solar technologies, provides educational programs, and supports workforce development through hands-on training.

These and hundreds of other Tennessee companies are committed to providing efficient and cost-effective renewable energy solutions.