How to Begin

You will be able to start your SPECTRUM experience anywhere in the exhibit, but if you want to become a real solar genius, you may want to start in the center at the Illumination Station!

The Spectrum solar exhibit photographed from above, with the Illumination Station at he center

What You’ll See

There are big things happening in renewable energy—particularly solar power. As you walk through SPECTRUM, you’ll see how we got here, what’s new, and where solar power is going in Tennessee.

Race to the Future exhibit panel

What You’ll Do

You’ll see many exciting things happening in the Tennessee solar world, and also learn how you can get connected–with jobs, learning opportunities or business investments. There are games to play and bright ideas that will make you say “wow.”

Renewable is Doable exhibit panel

What You’ll Learn

Tennessee solar power has something for everybody and SPECTRUM is where you can get connected. As you experience SPECTRUM, you may find ways to make your home more energy efficient. Home and business owners will see ideas for bringing down electric costs with their own solar panels. Students may find an idea for a science-fair project, or learn which area of science to study–to be a part of the future of solar. Throughout SPECTRUM you’ll see links/QR codes to more information about all of these bright ideas and more.

interactive exhibit on how solar energy is produced


The West Tennessee Solar Farm SPECTRUM exhibit partners include:

*Special thanks to members of the multidisciplinary University of Tennessee committee who coordinated the SPECTRUM project

Mike Buschermohle, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Gerd Duscher, University of Tennessee College of Engineering
John Hopkins, University of Tennessee
Martha Keel, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Stacey Patterson, University of Tennessee
Beth Phillips, University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service
Daniel Sarver, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Edgar Stach, University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Architecture
Susan Stewart, University of Tennessee Research Foundation
Patty Stinger-Barnes, University of Tennessee Knoxville, College of Education
Ben West, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, Extension